Delanie LOmbardo, B.A.

 Delanie  received  a  Bachelor’s  of  Arts  degree  in  Psychology  with  an  emphasis  in  Behavior  Analysis  from  California  State  University,  Sacramento.  During  her  undergraduate  studies,  Delanie  gained  experience  both  in  the  classroom,  as  well  as  working  directly  with  students  in  the  field.  She  gained  experience  working  one-to-one  with  individuals  to  teach  new  skills  and  behaviors.  Delanie  gained  experience  implementing  discrete  trial  training  (DTT),  naturalistic  teaching,  and  social  skills  training.  To  complement  her  professional  experience,  Delanie  volunteered  in  a  school  setting  to  help  support  teachers  and  staff.  She  volunteered  in  an  elementary  and  high  school  special  education  classroom.  She  helped  to  implement  the  positive  intervention  support  plan  and  collect  treatment  integrity  data.  From  this  position,  Delanie  gained  skills  working  with  a  multidisciplinary  team  of  professionals.      

 Delanie  is  currently  a  second-year  master’s  student  under  the  advisement  of  Dr.  Jessica  Frieder  in  the  learning  about  behavior  lab.  During  her  graduate  studies,  she  has  been  working  as  a  classroom  consultant  within  the  Van  Buren  Intermediate  School  District.  Some  of  her  responsibilities  include  the  implementation  of  behavior  plans,  conducting  various  assessments  and  being  involved  with  classroom  management  strategies  as  well  as  staff  training.  Delanie  is  also  involved  with  constructing  and  implementing  DTT  procedures.  With  this  experience,  Delanie  has  had  the  pleasure  of  training  staff  on  the  creation  and  dissemination  of  DTT.  She  has  also  assisted  classrooms  by  creating  graphs  to  display  behavioral  and  academic  data.  Further,  Delanie  has  had  the  opportunity  to  provide  supervision  for  several  undergraduate  practicum  students  as  they  gain  experience  working  in  the  schools.  

 Delanie’s  current  research  interest  include  training  teachers  and  staff  on  behavioral  analytic  procedures  in  the  classroom.  She  is  interested  in  using  the  science  to  effectively  teach  both  children  with  and  without  disabilities  to  increase  their  academic  performance.  Delanie  is  interested  in  training  teachers  to  identify  the  function  of  behavior  because  this  will  help  aid  in  the  effectiveness  and  efficiency  of  classroom  instruction.  Her  career  goals  are  to  help  individuals  succeed  in  a  classroom  setting,  and  help  students  build  a  strong  foundation  of  skills  they  will  use  for  future  success.   

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Taylor Mueller, B.S.

Taylor Mueller received a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Sciences with a minor in General Business and Spanish from Western Michigan University (WMU). Taylor is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Behavior Analysis in the Interdisciplinary Preparation in Autism program under the advisement of Dr. Jessica Frieder in the Learning About Behavior (LAB) lab.

While completing her undergraduate studies, Taylor gained experience working with children with problem behaviors and developmental disabilities in the Van Buren Intermediate School District Practicum. She had the opportunity to work with the classroom consult team in general and special education classrooms with various age groups, helping to collect data, and creating and implementing interventions. She also served as a job coach on the Providing Realistic Opportunities to Mentor On-site Training for Employment Skills (PROMOTES) Employment Project team teaching young adults vocational and job-related social skills to help them gain meaningful employment.

During Taylor’s first year as a master’s student, she continued serving on the PROMOTES Employment Project and classroom consult teams. In her positions as a job coach and classroom consultant, she has assisted with the ABLLS-R and AFLS assessments, creating programs for Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and coaching DTT, and creating and implementing interventions for children diagnosed with ASD and other developmental disabilities. Taylor also served as a peer mentor in the Summer Transition Program through WMU’s Autism Services Center. As a peer mentor, she supported students in their academic studies, employment, independent living, and time management. Her current interests include learning more about communication and language and self-management strategies.

In addition to her professional roles, Taylor has been involved in organizations such as the Behavior Analysis Graduate Student Organization (BAGSO), the Student Autism Alliance of Michigan (SAAM), and the Michigan Autism Conference (MAC). Through BAGSO, she has served as the event coordinator which involved organizing guest speaker events and socials between fellow graduate programs and faculty. Through SAAM she has served as co-president and helped coordinate collaborative efforts with community organizations to support individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. As a part of the planning committee on MAC, she was the Volunteer Coordinator where she recruited individuals from WMU and other universities and organizations to help facilitate activities and attendees. This year she is excited to serve on the planning committee in the role of Hospitality Coordinator.

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Ryan Glasgow, B.S.

Ryan received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis and a minor in Philosophy from Western Michigan University. During this time, Ryan helped as a research assistant in areas including Clinical Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Behavior Management, and Applied Behavior Analysis. Ryan served as a teaching assistant for Abnormal Child Psychology and was part of the Van Buren Intermediate School District practicum under the mentorship of Dr. Jessica Frieder. 

Upon graduation, Ryan worked as a Behavior Technician working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities in an autism center and an in-home setting. During this time, Ryan gained experience using Discrete Trial Training, Mand training, Naturalistic Teaching and support with daily living skills.  

Ryan entered the program in the summer of 2018 and has since then gathered experience working as a school consultant in a variety of settings. Some of Ryan’s duties in this role include consulting in special education classrooms working with teachers and staff to use behavior analytic principles to increase general classroom management, implement toilet training procedures and the use of universal strategies. Ryan is gaining experience in designing and conducting a Trial-Based Functional Analysis and has helped with the Summer Transition Program to assist students with developmental disabilities in transitioning form high school to college. 

Ryan is part of the Interdisciplinary Preparation in Autism program which aims to facilitate a relationship between the fields of Special Education and Behavior Analysis. He is also part of Best Buddies organization which focuses on building friendships with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing social mentorship and promoting inclusion. Outside of school, Ryan’s hobbies include lifting weights, working on cars, listening to music and reading.  

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Rachel Popp 2.jpg

Rachel Popp, B.S.

Rachel received the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University (WMU). Rachel is now a first year student in the Master of Arts in Behavior Analysis program at WMU as a member of the Extended University Program studying under the advisement of Dr. Jessica Frieder. During her undergraduate studies, Rachel gained a variety of applied experiences in both center-based and classroom settings. She began her first practicum experience at the Kalamazoo Autism Center (KAC) implementing Discrete Trial Training with children in the intensive early intervention clinic. Rachel expanded her fieldwork activities by joining the Van Buren Intermediate School District (VBISD) behavioral consultation team. During her time with the VBISD, she helped conduct functional behavior assessments and implemented behavior intervention plans to support students in an early childhood developmental delay preschool classroom. Rachel also assisted with the development of the PROMOTES Employment Project, a program for young adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. For three years, Rachel has served as a job coach for PROMOTES by utilizing Behavioral Skills Training (BST) and delivering explicit instruction on employment-related skills for students in a community transition center. She also currently leads the PROMOTES job-related social skills group. Through collaborating with community partners, special education teachers, employers, and caregivers, Rachel has worked to support PROMOTES participants in gaining the necessary skills to obtain and maintain successful employment.

In addition to her fieldwork, Rachel has been an active volunteer for the Michigan Autism Conference (MAC), Student Autism Alliance of Michigan (SAAM), and other community service events.

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